Please read this important information

By ordering this plan, I acknowledge:

I am aware that if I use Bandwagon Host service for any activity which is considered illegal in China (for example, building v2ray, shadowsocks, trojan, clash proxy or VPN and/or other activities), the IP address of such service may be banned in China (by so-called "GFW").

I am aware that if my service IP becomes banned, I am no longer entitled to the 30-day refund policy.

Bandwagon Host may allow IP address replacements which can be requested via support desk. As of the moment this document was created, IP replacement is available for a $7.39 fee. The price and availability of this optional service may change without notice.

Q: Does this apply only to this plan or other plans offered?
A: This applies equally to all services Bandwagon Host offers. However, we noticed that this specific plan is often used for activities mentioned above, therefore, we found it would be appropriate to display this reminder.

Q: Are there other options for dealing with a banned IP?
A: Besides IP replacement for a fee, you may want to wait for the ban to be cleared. This can take anywhere between few days to few months. Note that you will not be able to migrate a service to another datacenter while IP is banned by GFW. Also, you will not be able to request a refund.

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